Don't dream, when you can't make it real. They're only fictions anyway - Moddi, A Sense of Grey

Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance, in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance, when you're perfectly free - Rumi

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Apr 25, 2010

To No One And Everyone.

I wish you to always have friends to share your laughter, your troubles and your victories. That you never have to wake up with the pain of losing people you love, losing something amazing you had to the cruelty of having to make a choice. I wish that you find the calm and hope and the ability to still love when everything seems cold and heartless.
I wish that you never have to walk into a room and be flooded with memories of the times that were but will never be again.
I wish you to always be the one controlling the situation and not the other way around.
I wish that you never have to give medicines to your grandmother for dementia.
I wish that you never have to come back from a beautiful day at the beach and get a phone call that your father fell of the roof and broke both his feet. I wish that if you do, it's only that he broke his feet.
I wish that you never get your heart broken and watch a piece of it being taken away.
I wish that you never have to hear gunshots from your neighbours house which is being robbed.
I wish that you never have to walk behind your father with a knife to protect yourself while he makes sure that the robbers haven't used your house to hide.
I wish that you never get a message from your brother telling you that the stray cat youve fallen in love with came under the car tyres.
I wish you didn't have to watch a student in your class suffer because his parents refuse to admit theres something seriously unstable about him.
I wish you never have to watch someone being the only person in the class not get invited to a birthday party
I wish that you never have to go through old pictures and feel the pain of loss.
I wish that you are never made to feel ashamed for what you love to do just because it's not something as "awesome" as being a doctor or a CEO.
I wish that you find something that you love to do.
I wish you the ability to know whose worth keeping.
I wish you never have to throw away dear old shoes because the soles were worn out.
I wish that you never give your parents a reason to feel ashamed to have you as a child.
I wish that you never have to wake up with a broken heart just because of your faith, your religion.
I wish that you never have to meet people who live such unbelievably immoral lives and know in your heart that this is exactly what you would do were you given the chance.
I wish that you have a car song with your friends.
I wish that you know the joy of dancing in a room full of mirrors and people watching and judging you and yet not have a care in the world.
I wish that you know the fun behind a spontaneous plan to a random amusement park for a friends birthday.
I wish that you find the place in which and the people with whom you will always belong.
I wish you the blessing of a strong, united family.
I wish you to have the wisdom to understand your roots and why you are the way you are.
I wish that you come from a family that got ostracized for standing up for the right thing and the pride that comes with it.
I wish that you meet someone who may be as far away as Boston but still finds the time to hear out your miseries even if they might be in law school and having a tough time themselves.
I wish that you find a person who introduces you to a whole new world filled with beautiful music and can capture life in a camera. And that you are their favourite subject.
I wish you to meet someone who tests the limits of your patience and with whom you are able to understand the concept of unconditional love.
I wish that you find two crazy, messed up friends whose lives are full of drama and with them you see what they mean when they say"cant live with, cant live without".
I wish that you get a grandfather who shows his love to you by stuffing you with fruit and a grandmother who will wake up at two am to make you an omlette.
I wish that you have an aunt who makes the best tea in the world. Literally.
I wish that you have a younger brother who fascinates you with his maturity and his sense of responsibilty.
I wish that you have an even younger brother who has an amazing sense of humour, who thinks life should be spent playing video games full of blood and gore and yet will sit with you to paint flower stencils on envelopes.
I wish that you find a Sahar who has never, ever let you down. Who has watched you mess up, make horrible decisions, seen the worst side of you and whose love has NEVER wavered.
I wish you a Rida with whom you can whine about anything and everything and never feel the need to shut her up, who gets you excited about everything in life, who takes you to the dance floor when everyone else is walking off it, who freaks out after eating one measly slice of cake and who is your bitching buddy forever.
I wish you a love, hate relationship with your college.
I wish you randomness
I wish you to have a father who thinks 11 pm is too late even when you are 23 and screams at you if you break the curfew by ten minutes. And then shows you the games on his ipod like a little boy.
I wish you a mother who has, after so long, has finally found the time to do something for herself.
I wish you tiny, little nieces and nephews with curly hair and the inability to pronounce ch.
I wish you all good things and that no matter what happens, to believe in yourself and move on.

Mar 20, 2010

There Isn't A No

Today, I was wallowing in self pity, sighing and groaning. My brother was sitting with me, learning for his Islamic Studies exam and then he said something that made me feel a lot better. Hopefully, it'll help others too. He said, that when you ask God for something, there are only three answers

"Yes, but later"
"I have a better plan for you"

There isn't a no.