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Jan 18, 2013

The Bobby Pin Dentist

I once mentioned that the job of a primary school teacher is the amalgamation of many different jobs. This proved to be true yet again. Today, I was an emergency dentist and my tool of choice, the bobby pin. Yes, indeed. I honestly felt like one of those Army doctors in the middle of a battle field trying to use whatever they can find to help the soldiers.

To be honest, school during lunch break isn't any less than a war zone. Students trying to finish everything as fast as they can, running around, chattering like monkeys, throwing water at each other, crying because they don't like their food with the poor teacher on duty making sure no one gets hurt, everyone finishes their lunch, no one falls into the trash bins, opening packets of biscuits and chips for all and sundry all the while trying to finish their own food. I don't know how most of us are not alcoholics. 

Today, I was trying to quickly gobble down my pizza when one student started wailing. Why was he wailing? Did someone hit him? No. Did someone spit in his lunch? No. Did he fall down and hurt himself? No. 
He was crying because there was a guava seed stuck in his teeth. 
Welcome to the world of a primary school teacher.
I first thought I should tell him to man up. It was just a damn seed in his cavity. What are those fingernails for anyway?
Then I looked at his big, fat chubby face. Those sad eyes full of pain, looking up to me to save the day. 
So I put on my Wonder Woman costume and decided to be the savior of all mankind once more.
Okay...I'm exaggerating. There is no costume.
I pulled out a bobby pin from a student's hair and got alcohol swabs from the first aid to sanitize it. Then I washed it to remove traces of the swab and with one flick, out came the seed. The kid looked at me like I had just saved his life. And if you really think about it, I had.

So whoever said "Those who can't do, teach",  all I have to say is, "Bitch, Please".


  1. Fingernails don't help with those damn seeds.. so I read somewhere :P

  2. Haha. Don't believe everything you read!

  3. If there was no Wonder Woman costume, did you do everything naked?
    Can I get an admission?

    1. Nahi. Stupid bachon ka special school hota hai. Wahan jao.

  4. Hahah, aww! This is so cute. And so endearingly heroic of you.
    I wish I had better teachers growing up.