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Nov 7, 2011

I Think I've Got Frostbite

Its a hot day in Dubai. You can't go for a dip in the pool because you don't want to get sun burnt. You wish for the Swiss Alps with its snow covered mountains. You'd think you're in a dilemma, but not really. Just get in your air conditioned Prado and get dropped to the Mall of the Emirates, straight down to the ground floor, take a left from the escalators and you're in a winter wonderland right in the middle of the desert. Welcome to Ski Dubai! 
 Snow, FTW!
I can't get enough of how amazing these projects are that the Arabs have constructed all over the place.
Sahar and I, the cousin I'm vacationing with, were told that we should not leave the U.A.E without going to Ski Dubai. And rightly so. They've basically built a ski slope smack in the center of a mall! Oh and another thing, its real snow. Have I mentioned how in awe I feel right now? 
I've Still Got Snow In My Shoes

So we went bobsledding, tobogganing and right up to the top of the slopes in the chair lift. We wanted to ski and try the crazy ball rolling down the slopes, but we were freezing in the -3 temperatures inside.
Why you dinnae believe me?!

 I had almost turned blue and couldn't feel my lips or toes. So when you see a poster that suggests wearing a beanie, don't ignore it and think "Oh! My hotness is going to take care of that." Wear the damn beanie. 
We so cool in our snow jackets. hehe. 
Almost a Smurf
It was a surreal place. All around its just a blanket of white. There are people screaming and laughing and just plain having a ball. And yet, the place holds an eerie calm and quiet. A must try for anyone planning to visit the city.

And of course, there is no place in Dubai where there isn't any eye candy
Pretty Boys Everywhere :D


  1. I've heard its raining in Dubai today!

  2. Yea I know, that's what the meteorology report said. I don't really know, I just woke up.