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Nov 20, 2011

They'll Call Me Freedom Just Like A Wavin' Flag

For those of you who don't live in this wonderful country called Pakistan with its "democratic" system of government, let me tell you about how the people in charge tend to pass their time doing things that have no head or tail in relation to politics or governance or anything remotely related to improving the standard of living here.
Recently introduced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the infamous "Banned List". Its just a list of words which are forbidden while texting. Did you spit out your cereal yet? Stop eating, there's more. 
So apart from the absolute violation of the people's right to freedom of speech, the words on the list are, to be most polite, absolutely retarded, the thoroughness of the words on it just goes to show how much free time our authorities have. I mean do these stupid people have nothing better to do than to make fucked up lists telling us we can't use words like "sexy" on messages? (I told you to stop eating.) I mean, what is the word sexy going to do? Turn the country into nymphomaniacs? 
Needless to say, the list has been met with nothing but absolute ridicule. People are making fun of it on every possible social networking site I can think of. An example, a text conversation with a friend. 

Friend: Taxi, taxi, taxi
Me: Uh, What?
Friend: I'm doing illegal shit dude.
Me: ?!?
Friend: Don't you know? The PTA put "taxi" on the list of banned words on sms.
Me: HAHA! Wow, you're a regular old Jesse James.
Friend: What?!?
Me: an outlaw.
Friend: You read too much.

I mean, what happened to actually doing something worthwhile for a change?


  1. Lolz, but some of the words should be banned.

  2. People have a right to say what they feel. This isn't a dictatorship you know.

  3. Down with censorship, man! So ridiculous!

    It reminds me of those ridiculous lists of banned books that people should not be allowed to read. Except it often backfires because it piques the interest of many individuals, resulting in more copies being sold.

    It's like, good job, fascist bastards!
    Feel free to pat yourselves on the back for that.

  4. What's the deal with "Taxi"?

    I haven't actually bothered to go through the list. Don't think I should bother. I doubt the SMS police will come get me!

  5. Martin, I completely agree. This is the stupidest thing I've seen my government do. And I have seen them do some really stupid things, like when they banned facebook thinking it could help bring down some group they didn't like. And the techniques people used to go around that ban was amazing.

  6. S, here's how I see it. People get drunk and then text their friends asking for a taxi. Seeing as how you can't type taxi, people will have no way of going home and hence, no more drinking.
    OR they could just type cab.
    OR they might be encouraged to stay longer and drink some more.
    hmmmmmmm.....maybe its a ruse to HELP the alcohol industry.