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Nov 24, 2011

No, Please! Don't Call Security!

Remember ten years ago when parents made the mistake of buying cell phones for their young teens and expected them to be responsible and mature about their usage? We would feel oh so cool with the mobile in our hands, smaller the better (probably the only time when this term was acceptable) showing off to the less fortunate ones in our clique by randomly asking if they had any calls to make? Wait, so you're saying that was just me? Damn. 
The First Real Love of My Life

To All Cell-Phone Stalkers:
If You Don't Look Like This,
Don't Bother.
Anyway, the worst thing about having a cell phone was when random people would randomly type in your number and ask you to be their "Frand" (that's friend in stalker lingo) hoping you were some hot, desperate girl who would reply with "Han Jee" (yes). They seemed to have endless credit and a bottom-less pit of self-confidence even in the face of constant rejection. 

Then, you entered your twenties and your frands seemed to disappear because they probably grew up too. Wait. Stop right there. Are you sure they're gone? Are you sure they're not lurking in the corners of the airport immigration counters, waiting for their next chance to strike?
Yea, you read that right.

When I got back from Dubai, some guy started messaging me non-stop, asking how my trip went and obviously, I assumed it was someone I knew. However, as always, my assumptions were stupid and far fetched. It was just some guy who works at the Jinnah International Airport with the airport "security" and he got all my information off the airport computers. 

Okay, It Happened In Pakistan.
But You Get My Point!
He not only knew my name, he knew where I lived and worked; all the data that you would want to keep, if not private, then at least protected and not thrown into the hands of someone who would obviously abuse it. Talk about abuse of authority and an absolute invasion of privacy. 

And We Know He Ain't No Telemarketer.

And God knows what that man is capable of? He knows who I am, he knows where to find me. What do I know what his intentions really are? I mean, if he's extracting my private details without my permission then anything can be expected. 

The lack of work ethics, corruption and exploitation of information in this country is disgusting and shameful. More than that, it is scary to see that this attitude has so completely infiltrated the nation in everything that they do. We have collectively forgotten what "wrong" or worse "illegal" means. We have crossed the grey area smack into the black and we don't even realize it. Nothing is sacred anymore. 

We want what we want and will cross all lines to get it. 


  1. haha i loves the venn diagram :)

  2. I remember the A 55! Now that phone served its time.. and then some!

    Is the stalker still messaging you? I don't even know what to say.. it's creepy beyond words.

  3. The stalker keeps sending me stupid jokes. Its so creepy. I just don't reply.

  4. This nation is going crazy and getting desperate day by day.